Access Equity Investment Group UK Ltd (Access Equity) is part of QB Group / UK & International Real Estates Ltd group of companies, a marketing division within the group providing up to date information on the group’s current and future acquisitions to all our existing and prospective investor(s) as well as to attract new equity investor(s) to the group.

The group is involved in all the developments from start to finish, from funding to design, right through to build, marketing, selling and managing the property. We don’t like to be boxed in or pigeon-holed and this reflects the scope of our property investment strategies and developments, from high-end luxury homes to mixed-use residential schemes.

The group is a firm believer that “bricks and mortar” is by far the best asset class of all in terms of investment, because people understand property. Our unique business model has been built around allowing all investors at any level the opportunity to access the type of investment growth that has, traditionally only been available to larger financial institutions.

It pays to invest in people who have been there and done it. It pays to invest with QB Group / UK & International Real Estates Ltd that locates, develops, manages, and sells property and can look after your investment from start to finish.

We work with joint venture development partners and equity investors to fund developments which we then sell on to our existing database of investors. Below we explain how you can achieve substantial returns from property without any prior knowledge or time by investing with us.


Banks are currently paying approximately 0.5% interest and most high street savings accounts typically expect certain requirements, such as a minimum monthly funding amount, a time limit on the interest deal and, more often than not an upper limit on the balance that one will pay interest on.

With a minimum investment requirement of £10,000 you can potentially earn up to 10% fixed return per annum as an equity investor with QB Group / UK & International Real Estates Ltd. If you have capital to invest and want a regular fixed return from property development with zero effort or hassle then talk to us about becoming an equity investor.

Typically, we bring equity investors on board on a fixed return basis – which varies depending on risk profile and security provided – to finance developments.

Contact us today to find out how you can earn up to 10% fixed return per annum as an equity investor with QB Group / UK & International Real Estates Ltd

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